Monday, October 8, 2007

Washing machine swoon

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We think we've finally found an apartment. Does it have enough space for us? Yep! Does Miz K like the kitchen? Totally! Is there a pretty view? Of course! Is there a balcony? Yes - and also a bonus glassed-in room for those inclement weather days! Is it conveniently located? The train is across the street and a grocery is down the elevator. But the biggest bonus of all would have to be our very own teeny tiny washer and dryer!

We visited a total of seven apartments and this place was the last one we saw on Friday - it was a complete surprise to us and to our relocation woman as well - it seems that next to no one in this area knew there were apartments above the shopping center... much less a huge private rooftop garden. Despite being in the middle of town, the apartment is very quiet. We reserved it on Friday to think it over but we had decided within an hour that it was just perfect for us, so Mr K emailed today to say we want it!


Iain said...

Yay for a new apartment. Having the washer and dryer in the bathroom is wierd...unless you like putting on clothes that literally just come out of the dryer.

Kasia said...

yay for washer and dryer in the bathroom! I envy you guys green! I am so happy that you found appartment finally! It's really great! Oh, by the way pictures from the party will be online later on today with a biiig post ;)

Kasia said...

Me again, I tagged you all the way! Check my blog for instructions :D

AciDemon said...

congrats! now you are official settled in switzerland! :)

btw: it was nice to meet you @ kasia/peter's party!

(found this blog from a link in kasia's blog)

Jen said...

Congratulations, that's great news! I'm sure it's a huge weight off your shoulders to know that you finally have a local address. Now the real fun begins - moving in and getting everything set up the way you like it. Good luck!