Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Looks like we're moving a mummy...

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Well, the movers have come and taken away pretty much everything we own and we're still not exactly sure when we're leaving. We've heard our visas have been approved at the local level and are moving along, so hopefully that whole process will be done in the next 7-10 days. We think we'll be moving the third week or so of September.

In other news, I've switched the thread crochet temporarily - it fits more easily in a tightly packed suitcase!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tiny Post #2

Chinese food fortune cookie message: "You will soon be crossing the great waters."

We hope!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Random things I'm wondering while cooking chili

Hello to those of you who live in Switzerland - I have some questions. As I stood in my kitchen, making Cincinnati Chili and listening to Ladytron, I started thinking about my typical meals and that led me to wonder about Switzerland. If you have a second, please comment and fill me in! What is a typical breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Which meal is the biggest meal of the day? Do most people cook or eat out? I absolutely love to cook and am looking forward to all the new foods I can try and all the fresh foods we can eat.

I do my grocery shopping at a big big big grocery that is about two blocks from our house. I walk and pick up groceries about every other day, but most people around here drive and buy groceries once a week or so. Most people also eat out very frequently - we used to eat out two to three times a week, but we've cut down on that - too fattening! I try to plan out a menu for the full week on Sunday or Monday, leaving one day empty for leftovers and going out. I started planning the menu out in advance because when you buy fresh herbs around here, you get a big bundle of them - way too much for one meal. If I have a meal one day that calls for fresh basil or something, I know I need to find at least once more meal that also calls for it, or it doesn't get used! We have a farmer's market near the house every Sunday during the summer so thats when I stock up on yummy farm produce and fresh breads - the tomatoes from the grocery store taste like sand and water. Yuck!

For breakfast, my husband is a huge fan of breakfast cereal. In fact, before we met, I'm pretty sure that's what he ate for most meals! I like toast and fruit and eggs. Eggs are one of my favorite foods ever and I'm happy to eat them at any meal. For lunch, my husband goes out to eat and I usually have salad or leftover dinner from the night before or a frozen entree (blech!).

Anyway, thats it for food-related posting right now. Have fun!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Tiny Post #1

Yesterday the guy in front of me at the book store was buying a book on anger management and a copy of the movie 300.