Thursday, October 18, 2007

IKEA + BK = <3

Burger love
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Egad - I'm starting to get behind in the blogging. I will throw together a quick catch-up post and then try to do better in the future. The reason I'm behind is... we finally got moved in! Now, by moved in, I mean we and our luggage are out of the hotel... we're still furnitureless. Our air shipment will be delivered next Tuesday and we still don't know about our sea shipment.

Monday was one of the busiest days we've had since arriving - and one of the most fun as well! Early Monday morning we did all the paperwork to get our apartment - very exciting. We did a walk through and then were given our magical keys that work all the doors and elevators. We ran downstairs from our apartment to the grocery (yes, you heard correctly - downstairs to the grocery... amazing) and grabbed a salami sandwich and a Coke Zero. Purchases in hand, we ran across the street (yup - across the street) to the train station. With 3 minutes to spare, we caught the train to Peter and Kasia's. From their house, we all piled in a car and headed to IKEA - the land of happy!

I was amazed to see a pile of catalogs right at the entrance - at our home IKEA in Virginia, the catalog bin was always empty and I have in the past resorted to buying my IKEA catalog from Ebay! Kasia and I raced around IKEA until it was obvious our husbands could stand no more...and our cart would hold no more (mainly stuff for Chris and I, since we have nothing nothing nothing right now) We checked out and loaded the car, which we managed to fill pretty nicely.

After IKEA-ing, everyone was famished, so we headed over to Burger King for a little taste of home. A few differences from home:
1) The girl working the counter managed to understand orders in French, English, and German. At BK in the US, we occasionally run into problems ordering in English...
2) The food, as you can see from the picture, looked gorgeous and tasted fresh. The bun was puffy and the cheese gooey and the fries crispy. The paper wrapped all the way around the burger neatly, rather than just in spots like we're used to.
3) Ha ha ha "Long Chicken". Ha ha ha "King Pommes"

Afterwards, sticking to well-loved stereotypes, the husbands went to look at electronics and Kasia and I went to look at shoes. So many cute shoes! After the IKEA trip, though, I was good and didn't buy any. Next we went to the yarn store and stocked up while the husbands went to have a drink and avoid the yarn store. Kasia is teaching me to knit and its so much fun!

This post is getting a bit overly-long, so I'll end it here and try to update some more tomorrow!


Kasia said...

Ha! There is nothing better than IKEA and Burger King! I told you that since they opened this bigger mall around Ikea we hadn't have any of their hotdogs... we alaways go to BUrger King :D
I am very happy that you enjoyed that day, we had a splendid time too! And hey, you are knitting your first thing on the dpns, not bad at all as for the beginner!

katie, brian and abbie said...

Now I want a burger!! Glad you had a good day and got some house stuff!!! You'll have to tell me what you guys got! We miss you!! LOVE!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ya'll,
We've been checking your blog hourly for move-in day reports. In no time at all you,ll be on first name basis with folks from BK and Ikea. I'm with Katie....whadjaget? We know you're having a blast!!
Love, MC/PC

Allen said...

I'm really enjoying reading up :)