Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tag - I'm it?

Kasia tagged me for an 8 random thing meme, so I'll jot down a little list, however I'm going to refrain from tagging people simply because I don't know anyone to tag!

1. I don't eat swimmies. No fish, no shell fish, no crustaceans, no fish sticks, no tuna, no dolphins and no sharks. No swimmies. I've heard your tastes change every six months or so, so I still try a nibble of seafood on occasion but have yet to find anything I can stand, much less enjoy. Yucko! (I do wish I liked sushi though - pretty food!)

2. I'm scared of the dark. When I turn off lights in the hallway, it takes all my willpower to walk calmly to a lighted room and not sprint. I have no idea why.

3.Heights don't bother me at all. Mr K can't stand them.

4. I've written a short novel. Keep in mind I didn't say I wrote good novel or even a passable novel... I merely wrote the number of words required to be a short novel. In one month. (The process was a blast and the product terrible!) Interested? Check out: I'm writing novel #2 this year... unless la vie Suisse gets in the way...

5. This is the farthest I've ever been from my family and I miss them so much. I had not left the US since my family moved back from Italy when I was very very young. Before this, I was always around 3 hours - by car or by plane- from my family. Mr K and I still don't know if we can go home for Christmas this year, so I'm trying to not think about it. I want to see my brand new little niece and my sister and parents and everyone else!

6. I read almost constantly and have for as long as I can remember. I hate getting books from libraries because I like to read and reread them and I love just having them around.

7. I don't feel like myself with long hair.

8. I'm thoroughly ready to stop living in a hotel - I'm tired of washing clothing in the tub and sleeping in twin beds and being surrounded by an all-mauve decor. I'm tired of eating out every meal and I'm tired of not having a refrigerator. I miss my bed and the rest of my clothing and my books and art supplies.


Kasia said...

I absolutely love your meme! Hey, I have a small darkness problem as well... no idea why, but I prefer my lights on ;)

--Mr. D (Alex) said...

Soooo.... When do you move into the apartment?

AciDemon said...

and i'll post here, because it's the newest blogpost. :)

thanks for your kind comment. well, my blog is still kinda 'dead'. :(
i tried to start a blog about movies i've seen, but there something not working with posting pictures in it, so it's not running yet.
and it will be in german i'm afraid, since my english vocabulary is too bad to write nice moviecritics :)

and besides movies i have no clue what i should write about. :) any suggestions? :)