Saturday, October 13, 2007

Taco Loco - Oh No!

El Taco Loco
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So last night we ventured out to what may be Fribourg's only Mexican restaurant. We took a roundabout route to get there and had a very nice walk as the sun was setting. When we arrived we found that all the tables were reserved but we were able to sit at the bar and order some supper. The TV in the corner appeared to be tuned into the all-Futurama-all-the-time channel, which was a nice bonus. The fact that the sound was turned off didn't matter since it would have been in French anyway. We looked through the menu for a few minutes, however we couldn't find any listings as "tacos" oddly enough. I had a 'Gringas' which was beef in Mexican spices and cheese in a flour tortilla. Mr K had a 'Burrito Pollo'. We both had Mexican rice and pureed (not to be confused with refried) beans as our side items.

Things that made this meal funny and weird:
1. Mr K's burrito had parmesan cheese in it - ha ha ha!
2. The Mexican rice had PEAS in it - ha ha HA!
3. The Mexican rice was completely white with no apparent spices or seasoning...
4. We got chips, which were tasty, but... no salsa!
5. We spent almost 60 francs on two burritos, two side items, 2 beers and a coke light - no refills.
6. We could actually touch our plates without fear of needing skin grafts directly afterwards.

When we lived in Virginia, we used to go out for Mexican food at least once a week, usually with friends. For any Swiss readers, when you go to a Mexican restaurant in the US, the waiter immediately greets you at the table with a big basket of tortilla chips and a bowl of salsa. This is always free and you usually get your chips and salsa before you get your drinks or even menus. The menus at these restaurant usually feature around 60-100 items and most people order by number. "I'll have a number 119 and he'll have the 213." For Mr K and I to go out and have an appetizer, two entrees, a dessert and several drinks would run maybe 40 dollars US. The food was also in huge portions and usually had a random pile of shredded iceberg lettuce somewhere on the plate - called "salad" but more for decoration. The plates were always scalding hot because after the food was prepared, a handful of cheese was usually thrown over the top of everything and it was put under a heat lamp or in an oven to melt everything. Seriously, the plates would burn your skin if you touched them, even on accident. Additionally, at our favorite restaurant, we could get a big pitcher of sangria for 11 or 12 dollars. Yum!

Anyway, our trip to El Taco Loco was fun and funny but just didn't satisfy the craving for the Mexican that we're used to. Regardless, we'll probably go again! When you come visit, Kyle-and-family, we promise to take you!


Kasia said...

oh boy.... welcome to Switzerland. Here everything is soooo fucking damm expensive! I am so sorry for you guys! Here only kebabs are cheap ;) I will need to bring you to Uni Kebab on Rue de Kebab, they are really the best in Fribourg...

Jen said...

I laughed out loud when I read this because it's so true - they really don't "get" Mexican or Tex-Mex food in Europe! We're a long way from Mexico though, so it's understandable. Still, my hubby is from San Diego and I am a freak for anything south of the border food-wise, so we feel your pain! Thus far we've stuck to making our own at home because we've heard that the few Mexican restaurants they have here are pretty expensive. There is one place that's gotten good reviews though (from Californians no less!), so I guess we'll brave it one of these evenings! If you ever make it to Brussels let us know and we can try it together! :-)

FillyFolly said...

For any European readers, here is a link to a nice Mexican menu :)
Miz K, last night we went to our place again, we actually got to sit in the "tunnel" this time, we've never sat in there before. They had signs up on the door in Spanish that said there would be 3 DJs last night, but I couldn't tell what time they were supposed to arrive. One was named DJ Climax. All very exciting. The place was pretty busy though.
The waiter we had with you guys on the deck was our waiter again last night. Seems to be "our waiter" now. He recognizes us and when I went to order Kyle's usual quesadilla with fries not beans and rice he just smiled and shook his head as if you say "Yes yes, I know dear." More in my blog :)

Anonymous said...

And speaking of food, thank you again for the Cheesecake Factory gift card. We went there last night, and a good time was had by all. Especially Kyle, who was not only charming the wait staff, but also gobbling down mini hamburgers, fries, Goulash and noodles (my dinner), and chocolate cheese cake. We also brought home no less than 4 boxes of leftovers. We will have to return the favor when we invade Switzerland.