Monday, October 22, 2007


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Welcome to our tiny fridge!

Top shelf: beer and Lipton "Snowy Orange" tea - brand new and on "action" for 1 franc. Tasty!

Second shelf: poulet schnizel (I think), baby new potato, fresh mushrooms = dinner tonight

Third shelf: cherry tomatoes, poultry salami, blood orange yogurt and vanilla yogurt. This shelf is my breakfasts.

Fourth shelf: Tasty and cheap Prosecco for knitting day, garlic cheese spread (should be on breakfast shelf) and Laughing Cow cheese, Haribo sour cola bottle gummi candies, fresh basil, Egyptian olives from the farmer's market

Fifth shelf: Leftovers from Taco Night, sour cream, non-bubble water (blah), more cheese, eggs (which are not refrigerated in the grocery store here)

Drawer: OMG more cheese

Door shelves:
cheese, cream, pesto, blueberry jam, fig jam (for grilled cheese with prosciutto), Coke light, bubble water, milk, ketchup

Favorite part: see the little blue "x" shape next to the cheeses on the fourth shelf? That is spicy mustard in the tube that looks like toothpaste. Its how mustard and mayo and various other condiments are sold here.


Kasia said...

hey, your frige is much bigger than mine! You still haven't drunk this prosecco we bought in Carefour? You have a strong will, girl! Dinner sounds yummy! And similar to mine - we will have a turkey boobies with vegies and rice ;)

Jen said...

So how does it feel to have a fridge of your very own again? Good enough to take a picture of it and put in a description of the contents for all to see I guess! :-)
Hope you're settled in and enjoying your new place!

AciDemon said...

yes. it's quiet a normal size of a fridge for european standards. as far as i can tell.