Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Prague eatin'

Old Czech Pan
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Hello hello hello! Here we are on part two of the Prague-blague (say it outloud...) After arriving on the first night, we were thrilled to find a restaurant located a very short walk from our hotel. We got a table in this funny little room - about the size of a bedroom closet in the US - it was nice because we were the only people in it. We ordered beers and wines and five of the six in our group ordered the Old Czech Pan for dinner. You guessed it - I was the holdout, opting instead for a chicken steak with asparagus and ham gratin - and it was crispy crunchy heaven on a plate. Old Czech plate was no slouch in the tastiness category either - served with a little flame under it, the metal pan was piled with cabbage and pork and potato dumplings and was a generous portion even by American standards. We enjoyed this restaurant so much, we returned there the following two nights as well for dinner.

All went well until the third night, when the kitchen had an "everything must go wrong" evening. Our food took forever to come out - well over an hour, and no one (but me) seemed particularly enthused about their dinners. Mine was tasty, but then again it was a mountain of pasta in cheese sauce with ham and broccoli, so it would be difficult for it to have ended up any way but tasty. Everyone else sort of picked and stirred their food until we decided we had enough and, skipping dessert, paid our bills. Afterwards, half the group went for a walk and to a coffee shop while Chris, Steph, and I sat in the hotel, eating Swiss cookies and playing Ligretto until midnight. The card game definitely salvaged our evening!

That's it for tonight's Prague post. See you tomorrow!


Kasia said...

"Old Czech Pan" and their chicken dishes with fries are my favourite! Indeed the evening walk/card game saved the saturday ;) Gosh, food that night was really disgusting ;)

Jen said...

It sounds like you had a great time, I'm SOO bummed that we missed it!!

Ars said...