Monday, February 18, 2008

Back from Prague!

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It's quarter to midnight here and we arrived back home at two in the morning this morning, so I'll cover Prague in a series of posts - a little now and a little later.

The excitement began at the Basel airport. After arriving at the airport, we checked in and were outside our gate, enjoying a nice snack - and the male part of our group was getting started on the beer in anticipation of the days to come - when we were rudely interrupted by a curt announcement that our flight was canceled. Eeek! We gulped down our snacks and beer and reported to the gate. The attendant helped us uncheck (unCzech - ha! Get it?) our bags... and then rechecked them before being boarded on a bus to Zurich. Once in Zurich we checked in again and re-re-re-checked our bags before heading to the gate. The second flight worked out and lasted a little under one and a half hours. By around 8 in the evening (we arrived at the airport around 1 in the afternoon), we were checked into the great little hotel Kasia found for us and ready to commence with the eating! Things number one to love about Prague: tasty, cheap, abundant food and beer. Meat and 'taters for days!

Check back in a few hours for Prague - the food post!

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Kasia said...

I bet that we (Peter and I)must be cursed or Basel is... I'm happy that you guys liked the hotel!