Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Have just observed Mr K's Jiu Jitsu class
which I am slated to begin on Friday.
Am filled with dread.
Am cowering on the floor.
Too dread-full to update about Prague. Eeek!


Ars said...

There is no dread! Only Zuul.

It'll be totally fun :)

AciDemon said...

and a few lessons later you probably might kick mr. k's ass, when he doesn't follow your rules. ;)
you'll never know. :)

Miz K said...

Hmmmmm - you make a good point! How have things been?

Kasia said...

oh boy... it seems like the last night class was a mayhem ;) but I can only second Juerg, you can always take adventage of mr.k after few more classes ;)