Sunday, March 2, 2008

Toute les poissons

Dani mange!
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Last night we went out for Japanese food with Dani, Steph, and Dani's friend Sam. Mr K was excited to eat sushi as he hasn't had any since we moved here. I was promised there would be swimmie-free options and I was excited about the possibility of edamame. The edamame didn't make an appearance, but dinner was still wonderful. I had teppan-yaki chicken and a really delicious fried rice (saute rice according to the menu) and Mr K had 28 delightful bits of bait. Steph opted for a five or so course menu of all sorts of pretty little treats and Dani and Sam chose to consume the remaining fish in the ocean.

Dani told us the previous sushi record was somewhere around 40 pieces each for himself and for Sam. Last night, they broke that record. In the picture you might notice Dani's look of satisfaction at a job well done. If you look behind Dani, you might also notice Sam's look of "help me, I'm stuffed." This would be a result of the armada of sushi the two of them consumed. Each ordered a 40 piece sushi boat - served on a wooden boat roughly a third the length of our table. As Dani was finishing up his boat, he signaled our waitress to request... another boat! He and Sam split boat two in a display of fish-consumption-induced-machismo coupled with much high-fiving. Sam generously begged Mr K to finish his last hand-rolled funnel o' fish. As the last boat left the table, the new record was set - 60 pieces of sushi per person. Ouch!

With all that sushi, it should come as no surprise Dani and Sam had no room left for dessert. Steph and I both had green tea ice cream, which was very nice and light. All in all, a very nice dinner! Fribourg certainly does Japanese food much better than it does Mexican...


Kasia said...

Where is this restaurant? Sounds like you had a great dinner! Green Tea ice cream sound sooo good!

Miz K said...

It was tasty! The restaurant is down right across from the cathedral. Yum!

AciDemon said...

never ate sushi yet.
maybe i should give it a try.