Tuesday, March 18, 2008


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So I've been a bit slack on the blog thing recently - nothing too terribly exciting going on here... just a lot of painting, recently. Mr K has been on a ink-and-paint buying spree so our supplies are replenished!

In other news, I can't stop listening to this song, "Young Folks" by Peter Bjorn and John, or this song by the same people. Thanks, Miz J!

Thanks mom and dad for the easter candy and the PEEPS! With the proper care and feeding, I bet they last til next Easter too!

Annnnd I'm out of words. I'll try to think of more soon!


parks said...

i like "let's call it off"!

Kasia said...

I love this painting so much! Gosh it took me a moment to read through what Peeps are and I finally got the joke on Icanhascheezburger which I saw a day or two ago!

zeta said...

Heya, it's Zeta from NaNoWriMo. I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets Peeps in packages! Some colleagues and I used to make Peep tableaux and leave them around unexpectedly. My fav that never got made was a full choir of peeps singing the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" with a little Peep conductor and recorded music. Now THAT's a good way to come to work on the 4th of July in Switzerland...

PS: You doin' Script Frenzy as a half-way to NaNoWriMo taster?

Miz K said...

Hello hello - long time, no type! The peeps totally cracked me up - they're still sitting in the middle of the table to be admired - and getting nice and crunchy as a result. I'm not doing script frenzy actually - I looked at the website and writing a screenplay just doesn't appeal to me. You participating?

zeta said...

Mmmm, crunchy Peeps! The best kind, just a little stale on the inside with that crunchy sugary outside goodness. Mmmm!

Yup, I decided to do Script Frenzy to work on my dialogue. Trying to decide if I should work up the plot I've got scoped out that I was planning for the next novel or do something different. Sorry to hear you are a no go on SF. :(

TLC said...

This is great, nicely done.

(funny, i have two packages of peeps right in front of me.)