Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Art night

Art night
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Inspired by Illustration Friday, Mr K and I have taken to spending the later parts of our evenings recently ignoring computer and video games and having "Art Night."

When we first met, we used to sit around and paint or draw or doodle together while watching movies all the time. After a few months we moved on to video and computer games, but still went back to art night fairly frequently. Sometimes it was polymer clay night, other times it was painting night. Art night had been pretty infrequent since our arrival, however, until this past Sunday night. We broke out all the paints, inks, pens, pencils, brushes, crazy papers, drawing boards, stamps, and countless other toys and moved everything to the living room. We put on the first disc of Heroes to rewatch and started painting! You can see both of our little oddities on our Flickr sites if you're interested.

In an unrelated but equally exciting note, it snowed all last night! So pretty!


Ars said...

Art night is rad. Again tonight?

Miz K said...

Moar art night!

AciDemon said...

i'm so jealous with you guys.
i wish i could such an art night with someone here.
but my friends and g/f doesn't like drawing and painting.

so i guess i have to do my own private art night. :)

Kasia said...

Art night sounds sooo good! Once I will invite myself in ;)