Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Still Life with Random Junk

Still Life of Random Junk 1
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Our apartment is pretty much put together, but we still have random islands of things that do not yet have a home - mostly decorative items like these that require us punching holes in the wall to install a shelf we have not yet bought. For now, they live on the floor between the living room and the dining room.

I'm treating myself to a little taste of home today - good ole boxed Kraft mac and cheese. Yes yes yes - I know. It's terrible... the problem is I love the stuff and have since I was little. So that makes it my little guilty pleasure. We have had a busy last few days here! Papa C was here for short visit and, at the train station, we exchanged him for Mr K's friend Andy - they had a 7 minutes overlap after Andy got off his train from Bern but before Papa C hopped his train to Bern. The past week has been full of chatting and exploring Fribourg and cooking and cleaning and sleeping and chatting some more! Mr K acquired a few more bottles of swanky bourbon from our guests, so he's a happy guy.

Today he and Andy headed to Gruyère to explore the H.R.Giger museum - I stayed home as I'm adept at creating my own horrific nightmares and don't need any outside help... and because I'm feeling a little lazy. Tonight Kasia and Peter are coming over for dinner and we're doing some classic American-style food: Cincinnati Chili, four ways. Depending on how productive I get, I'm thinking Deviled Eggs for a snack and Green Goddess (minus the fishies of course) for the salad. All that depends on me wandering down to the grocery in a few minutes.

Outside, it looks like we may be seeing some more snow soon, so stay tuned!


Kasia said...

Giger museum is fun! We need to take you guys there once! We are sooo much looking forward to have American Style dinner. I keep Peter rather hungry today, so that he wouldn't hesitate to feed ;)Not that it would be problem anyway, you know Peter: you bring it he eats it ;). I got some of your favourite dessert, and I even managed to find cream directly from Gruyer, which is always a good sign :D I am as well waiting for more snow, just enough to stay for a while. See you tonight!

AciDemon said...

giger! chili! mmmh...

i wanna see pictures of both (giger and american food thingies)! :)

The Imperator said...

And I found yours, now we're even!

Oooh! Giger is awesome! Reminds me of a friend of mine. (Internet only though, sadly)
Check out his stuff if you've got a few spare minutes from your novelling: http://mcwgogs.deviantart.com/gallery/
I'm proud owner of "metamorphic emotions" and "Dismembered Dawn". They're already framed. Now I just need a place to hang them on a wall somewhere ^^

AciDemon said...

@imperator: nice pictures of your friend. but it reminds me more of salvador dalí, then giger.
at least most of the paintings.

The Imperator said...

Mmh... looking at the pictures, you're right. I was thinking of his older ones, but those aren't on the site. He started out pretty much copying Giger. There's the odd alien or two on the Deviantart page as well, but not as many as I remember there being. Ah well, I still love his stuff and since he's still really new he's also dirt cheap :P

Hmm... since I have a blog now I might as well write about it I guess, still have to get used to the idea.

Jen said...

Mmmmm, chili and deviled eggs...I wish Brussels and Fribourg were closer!! :-) I hope you have a great time tonight!
Oh, and I keep meaning to ask, are you staying here for the holidays, or headed back stateside? We'll have an almost monthlong break from mid-December to mid-January and we're staying put, so if you'll be around maybe we can finally meet up and put faces with names!