Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Snow in view, mateys!

More snow on moutains
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When I awoke this morning and made my daily trip out onto my porch, I pulled out my recently unpacked binoculars and lo, what did I see, but snow snow snow on the mountains! The temperatures here this week have been in the low thirties (F) and I know it is only a matter of time until I see my first Swiss flurries!

In NaNoNews, my novel is progressing along; I've broken the 12k word mark and am starting to feel a little more positive about things. My MC has met one of the villains so things should start looking up soon... or down soon. Either way, it looks like something is about to start happening.

Nothing else too terribly exciting to add. Check out the new poll. Night night!

EDIT: Almost forgot another fun tidbit - The "animals we have eaten this week" list. Mr K and I are really trying to go all out and try a little bit of everything. The past seven or so days have included: two kinds of deer, chicken, goose, ostrich, pork, beef, and rabbit. When Mr K asked what the meat in one dish was (turned out to be the ostrich), the answer was "you know - meat meat."

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Kasia said...

Ostrich?? Oh boy I think that I missed up on that one, you will have to skype me about it, and about rabbit, you mentioned once that you want to feed Mr.K with it, but I didn't know that you managed! Yes snow, I am so looking forward to see it this week. Forecast insisted taht it will snow tomorrow, so I keep my fingers crossed ;)