Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Hours down the drain...

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Or I just wanted a way to tie the picture in when I should have just admitted, "Hey I like this picture!"

My NaNo is coming along but I am still a member of the "Under 10K Club." My main character is boring me to the point that I just went off on a typed tangent about how boring she was. I'm fighting to keep her, but every day of writing I get the feeling more and more that I'm going to have to demote her to sidekick and promote someone else to MC (main character).

In super-fantastic-super-nifty-super-great news, our movers finally arrived yesterday and placed all of our belongings in various piles throughout the apartment, put together the furniture our other movers took apart, and in one case FIXED the furniture our other movers broke - not bad! The living room is pretty much put together, the dining room is one bolt short of being done - we packed the dining room table but somehow misplaced all the nuts and bolts and other fasteners we need to keep the legs on it, so Dani took Mr K on a quick late night shopping spree to acquire a wireless drill and four bolts... one of which was defective - sigh. The Wii is working, though, so that helps!

The bedroom is coming along, but we have nowhere to hang our clothing yet so we have a motley inventory of wardrobe boxes, plastic bins, and one rickety clothing rack holding the whole mess off the floor...for now... the clothing rack is threatening collapse at any minute.

My office and Mr K's office are both complete wrecks right now but will be cleaned by this weekend - at least mine will be! I'm hoping Mr K isn't at work late every night again this week because I know he wants to get the house put together, too.

I should either get to novelling or get to cleaning, but I'm not sure which one. If you're bored and feel like helping out with the Nano, leave me a comment with something I can add to try and salvage my MC - give her a hobby or phobia or allergy or something!



Anonymous said...

I think your MC should discover that she has a bizarre, embarrassing, and not-very-useful superhuman talent.

Miz K said...

Such as? Give me MOAR! ;-)

Kasia said...

Hmm, can I still vote for killing her with a shovel. There is nothing better than a good kill in the novel, and then you could use reanimator (some weird character from a book I am reading) to bring her back to life as a blood thirsty zombie or something :D Or you can always make her allergic to all her birds, or make her able to read minds and blow heads... nothing more comes to my mind.
I have the thirs option for you: how about you take your laptop and come to me: we can novel and bug people???

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... what if people can read *her* mind, rather than the other way round? Or, if certain things happen, she spontaneously gets really really smelly. Or she's able to read people's minds, but only the things she'd rather not know about.

Miz K said...

Thanks, Mista Squid - you just may be onto something!