Monday, September 10, 2007

Small drawstring bag

Small drawstring bag
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This past weekend, we took the last of our things to store to my parents house and passed my happy little car off to its next car-momma. My mom and I went clothing and yarn shopping (she's learning to crochet). I made this little bag over a few hours on Saturday and Sunday for one of my mom's friends who put together a sweet little "airplane survival pack" for us before we fly out this time next week. After I finished the little bag, I left the extra yarn for my mom's little yarn stash and came home with only 4 more balls of yarn than we left with. Hopefully I can make a couple more little gifts before we go since my luggage is looking awfully full right now!


FillyFolly said...

It's so pretty Miz K!
If you have stuff you need to leave behind, just make a box and bring it over and we can send it to you one you have an address.
Are we going to see you guys before you leave?

Kasia said...

Hey! that was so cool to see you today! Your drawstring bag is absolutely cute! See you on saturday!