Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My first Swiss icecube!

My first Swiss icecube!
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So tonight Chris and I decided to celebrate our first week in Fribourg with McDonalds for dinner - woo hoo! Everything but the prices looks the same, but with the addition of a couple random items, including "shrimps" with cocktail sauce. The most exciting thing about my meal, however, was the gentle swish-swish of about an inch of ice cubes floating gently across the top of my Coke Zero! This was the first time since we left the US I have seen an ice cube anywhere other than on the distant mountain tops we see everyday and it was more exciting than it should have been!

In other news, we get our apartment tour next week, so hopefully by next Friday we will have a home and an address to give the movers for whenever our things decide to arrive. Bon soir!


FillyFolly said...

Interesting about the ice cubes. I had a German exchange student in 8th grade and she and all of her friends would always request that there be no ice cubes in their drinks when we went out to eat. This was before all of the self serve drink machines and people were not too happy to oblige.

Jen said...

I had to laugh when I read this post, because it made me realize that after a little over a month living here in Belgium, my husband and I have yet to come into contact with a single ice cube! I guess now we know where to go if we happen to crave some - thanks!

Iain said...

I'm not sure what Europeans are so scared of ice for. Maybe they think it will trap their soul! The few times I've been to Scotland I always get funny looks when I ask for ice.