Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hot Tea and Head Cold

Tea! Yesterday we had a nice day off to wander around and enjoy seeing the town, rather than frantically trying to get things done. The apartment hunt starts tomorrow. My throat was a little sore when I woke up yesterday morning, but a nice pot of hot tea at Kasia's shop and more great conversations eased the soreness for a few hours. However, once we got home, I used Skype to call my dad and then my mom and sister and, as I hadn't talked to them in about a week and a half, proceeded to talk for at least one and a half hours, at which point my throat was too raw to go on.

When I woke up this morning, my head was stuffed and my throat aching, so I stayed in bed and played sick until dinner time. For dinner, we headed to San Marco's and it was wonderful. We had a mixed greens salad with carrots and beets and corn and marinated leeks and endive, followed by Spaghetti Carbonara for me - it was enough to make a girl swoon! Bacon, cream, cheese, and egg to hold the whole mess together - heaven on noodles. After dinner, drinks and coffee and dessert - this concoction of hazelnut, pistachio, and caramel gelato with crunchy nougat-like morsels and whipped cream worth moving across the world for! It was certainly the tastiest meal I've had here yet, and that's saying something - all our food has been good so far. Now its time for online apartment hunting and, soon enough, passing out. Bon soir!


Jen said...

Hello Miz K, and thanks for the comment on my blog - it's too funny how you found it! It sounds like we're in very similar circumstances right now, just settling into new surroundings here in Europe. I hope you don't mind if I bookmark your page and check in on your adventures every now and then...and definitely feel free to keep tabs on mine as well!

Take care, and good luck apartment hunting - we're DEFINITELY happy to have that behind us!


Parks said...

i am HUNGREEEEEE now after reading this! wow!

hope you get to feeling better!

Kasia said...

It looks like colds are roaring around Europe those days. Angie from Tirol said that she is as well dead-cold and so am I :( San Marco is one of the best spots to eat in Fribourg :D Your meal sounds sooo tasty, that I envy you green!
What a cute pic of my shop! Yay! Thank a bunch! How is your cold doing? Are you feeling better?