Monday, July 28, 2008

Food and fit

Dani ski jumps
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On Saturday, Dani and Steph picked us up and we all headed to Olivier and Celia's for a nice BBQ dinner. The weather was starting to look stormy, so the guys got to grilling immediately after our arrival (stopping only long enough to feed a snack to the neighbor's horses and to grab more beers) while the ladies hung out in the kitchen, Steph and I sipping drinks as Celia prepared a tasty pasta salad to compliment the grilled meats. As in keeping with nearly every meal we've eaten since we arrived here, it was wonderful and we were all happily filled up by the end of the meal - even the Fromaginator (Dani)!

What's the best way to wind down after a great meal? Lots of physical activity, of course! Olivier and Celia have the much-coveted Wii Fit and we were all eager to give it a try. I've read a ton of reviews on the thing, but this was the first time I actually got to use it - and I have to say it's even more fun and much more exhausting than I expected.

(On a totally unrelated note, I have to say most rap and reggae sounds even more lame in French and I'm seriously considering going down to make this point to the little Swiss gangsta-wannabe blaring his car stereo outside. Hey you kid, get off my parking lot - or at least spring for some decent speakers - your car stereo stinks and you should be mortified that other people can hear that tinny mess.)

End rant. Now where was I... oh yes!

Wii Fit is amazing and we all had a great time playing with it. I don't think it's technically meant to be a party game, so the little scale inside the thing was in a state of perpetual confusion as Dani, Steph, Olivier, Chris and I all took turns. We had a great time playing with the Hula Hoop game - I think you could convincingly argue that the people heckling from the couch were having just as much fun as those of us swirling around like crazy people, precariously balancing our imaginary hoops. Maybe even more fun, now that I think about it. The ski jump game was also entertaining and the yoga moves were just plain hard - it's humbling to see how unbalanced your center of gravity really is.

We have to get one of these things!


Carl E said...

I'm soooo happy that you got a chance to finally use the Wii Fit!!! I wish I had that opportunity, but I'm sure we'll get one when we can get a chance...but I especially liked the segue into the rant of French rap...that REALLY made me laugh...:-)

Anonymous said...

So is 30 the new 60? "Hey you kids, get outta my yard, and yer music is too loud"! Those are MY lines

Sally Carter said...

I'm completely jealous that you've had a go on a Wii Fit! And you're right, French rap is an acquired taste but I got quite used to it,(even bought a couple of albums - check me out for hanging with the 'youf'!!) so give it time (doesn't sound like you have much choice in the matter...!!)