Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Spring arrives...

Spring park
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And it was definitely worth waiting through those couple weekends of random April snow - the weather here has been beyond amazing all week. The little park behind out apartment has turned into a noon-til-dusk meeting place for all the sun-loving teenagers in Fribourg, as you can see from the picture to the right.

The crowds of people just outside my porch have provided a great people-watching opportunity (the swanky Canon binoculars Mr K got me help, too). The other day I saw two punkrock boys--sporting matching grass-green mohawks--enjoying a meal of beer and croissants while laying in the sun. After they finished eating, they politely packed up all their trash and left the park to the sound of clanking wallet chains and the gentle thud of army-surplus boots on thick grass.

Punk kids have been kind of a theme in the park, come to think of it. The other day I saw a group of 10-12 punk and goth kids, all sitting in a circle and chatting. Goth kids enjoying the sun makes me smile. Now I feel old again...

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