Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sing me a song, Mrs Opera-Neighbor!

Tonight was another unusual and interesting night. Our neighbors who we've been passing notes with for the past 3 months (Mr and Mrs Neighbor to you) invited us over for drinks and snacks and then to go to a concert sung by our opera-singing neighbor (Mrs Opera-Neighbor) who we've heard but not met.

We had a nice wine from Valais and various snacks, including small savory pastries, dried meat, crunchy bread sticks and, of course, chocolates and cookies. We sat and chatted for about an hour before walking a short distance to an interesting old building where the concert was held.

The concert lasted about two hours and was just wonderful. Almost as impressive as the music was the fact that the three little girls in front of us - probably aged 7 to 8 or so - managed to sit in well-behaved silence the whole time! Before and after the concert, Mr and Mrs Neighbor told us about both of their families and also some interesting facts about some of the other people who live in our building. Mr and Mrs Neighbor come from very musical families with many violinists and pianists and singers.

Some fun facts we learned about things we have in common:
  • Mr Neighbor's grandfather was Paul Haas - a musician in Fribourg.
  • Mr and Mrs Neighbor's wedding anniversary is "the 21st or 22nd of May - we forget!" Ours is the 23rd of May.
  • Mr Neighbor's birthday is the 15th May - mine is the 14th May and Mr K's is the 18th May! (Mrs Neighbor's is in late February.)


Anonymous said...

Soprano Gal (with apologies to Billy Joel)

Sing me a song, you soprano gal
Sing me a song tonight
Oh we're here from the states and we need a pal
And the opera is calling tonight

Now the neighbors are some new friends of mine
They give us some wine for free
And they're quick with a note
and some food that they bote*
And they're feeding my husband and me

And the opera it sounds like paradise
and the seat we have are first class
So we drink good strong beer
and are filled with good cheer
as we listen and sit on our.....

perfectly wonderful seats!

(*bote, the Olde Englishe version of the verb "bought")

Rich said...

Want to see what my students go through? Go to
and see the blog of your "clone"