Tuesday, July 24, 2007

County Fair and Corn Dogs

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As we approach our departure date (which we're still not 100 percent sure of...) we're trying to cram as much fun and "classic Americana" in as we can. Last night we went to the county fair with a couple friends and their adorable son. The big event of the night was the Demolition Derby. Basically, several stripped down car in a tiny circle surrounded by large concrete blocks smash into each other and the last cars running win. It was so funny - the crowd really got into it. Every few minutes one of the cars would get all smoky and everyone would stop so the firemen could run out and douse it with a fire extinguisher and then they were off again. Other highlights of the evening were corn dogs (my first corn dog ever), cheese fries, and funnel cake. Now I feel like eating a head of lettuce and drinking my weight in water!

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Kasia said...

Looks like you had a bunch of the good time! I am affraid that in Switzerland you won't get that! But keep your head up - we seem to have other funny activities like: throwing a flag or something and in Fribourg there are a lot of parades: in December we have huge festival for Santa Clause :D Switzerland is weird :D