Monday, February 9, 2009

Swing kids

This past weekend neatly squished several of our favorite things about living here into a pleasantly compact two days.

It started out boringly enough with Mr K having a late work meeting on Friday night, causing us to miss jiu jitsu class. As always, I was both relieved and disappointed.

Saturday we ran a couple errands, did a ton of laundry and lazed around the house until the evening. Steph picked us up a little past six and the wonderfulness began - we headed to Peter's for fondue-eating, tv-watching, and music-discussing. We talked about best and worst concerts and the price difference between seeing shows here ($$$) and seeing shows in the US in the 90s and 00s ($). After dinner we had a wonderful sweet cake-thingie that I completely forgot the name of even though Steph told me twice. I made a fruit topping for it with berries and Grand Marnier and brown sugar - it was a nice combination. Well-stuffed, we headed home and to sleep.

Sunday we woke up to a surprising six inches of snow where there had been no snow the day before. We were slow to get up, slower to have breakfast, and slower still to get dressed and out of the house. We bundled into our snow gear for a walk because Mr K wanted to take some pictures.

Though we intended to walk downtown and possibly to the river, we made it less than half a mile from our apartment as we got distracted by the playground right across the street.

No wonder kids who play outside stay skinny - it's exhausting work! We took turns taking pictures of each other swinging on the swing, which led quickly to taking pictures of us jumping off the swing and into the snow. At this point, we started really regretting leaving the snow pants at home for fear of looking too dork-tastic. We swung and jumped and snapped and jumped for the next 45 minutes until we had compacted all the snow as well as our ankles and knees past the point of being fun. Next to the swing is a slide that, in summer, is truly terrifying. Now it was covered in snow, so that was our next stop. We spent another 15 minutes playing on the very wet and snowy slide before our jeans reached the snow-saturation point that we couldn't bear it anymore.

We headed home, but it was too early for cooking dinner. All our jumping and running and launghing in the cold had us famished though, and Mr K's throat was as dry as his jeans, well, weren't. I'm sure I mentioned several posts ago that pretty much everything but restaurants is closed here on Sunday. As it was just past three in the afternoon, the restaurants were also not serving food yet, so our choices were McDonalds or the small, overpriced shop at the train station. Since the train station was both closer and had beer, it won out. We grabbed a big bottle of Coke Light, a single beer, and a gigantic piece of pizza that tasted almost exactly like "pizza day" in middle school! Thusly provisioned, we headed back to the apartment to whittle down our 200+ playground photos to the few you can find on Mr K's page.

There you have it - recipe for a perfect weekend: food, friends, snow.

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