Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Words and Pictures

It's been a very very busy past few weeks here and I'm worn out! The last week in November I managed to finish my novel for National Novel Writing Month. Much to my own surprise, this year my novel actually had an ending. In the six or so years I've participated in this exercise in insanity, this is the first time I've finished a story and not just written the requisite number of words! Now I'll take a few weeks off from it and in January I'll pull it back out again and see if there's anything at all salvageable about it - I'm not overly optimistic.

When I wasn't writing, I've been frantically trying to finish some cards and paintings for a nearby Christmas Market where one of my friends had a stall that she was kind enough to share a corner of. I sold a few cards and I don't know what else - I'll find out tomorrow, though I expect just the cards, which is still very exciting for me. I've never sold anything before. Early next year I think Mr K and I are considering opening a small shop on Etsy to sell prints of paintings and photos. I know my little doodles aren't exactly high art but I think they would be fun for brightening up kids rooms - we'll see!

Once the Christmas market work was done, it was time to start stocking up on the remainder of Christmas gifts we still needed to pick up and to finish a few small projects. Mr K and I stayed up way too late last night finishing up two of them - it was nearly three by the time we got to bed.

More fun this week - Wednesday is the last jiu jitsu class of the year. Thursday I get a haircut that, in my excitement to make an appointment entirely in French, I neglected to notice was at 8 in the morning. Friday is our jiu jitsu class dinner and Saturday is last minute shopping and packing before we fly out on Sunday. Too much to do!


Anonymous said...

Hoo ray, a new blog woo hoo
See you soon
Love Dad

Jen said...

Congratulations on selling your first items, that's got to be really exciting for you!

I hope you have a wonderful trip back to the States, and are able to indulge in all your favorite things. A bit of advice: pack light and maybe even pack an extra bag, because you'll inevitably end up picking up waay more stuff than you think you will! :-)

Miz K said...

LOL yeah - we have one bag for gifts, one bag for clothing (we're taking all the old and no-longer-fitting stuff to donate and replace) and I already have an empty duffle bag packed for the return. I'm down to one pair of jeans and I hate them - lol. I can't wait to eat a taco and drink a 32 oz diet coke brimming with ice!

Katie said...

congrats on your 1st sales- i think you will do VERY well if you open a small shop- your art is very cute for kids' rooms and more!!! i would buy it! can't wait to see you guys in a week!! Abbie is looking forward to loving on her Aunt K and Uncle C! have a safe trip!