Monday, September 15, 2008

Counting down!

In less than two weeks, we're off to meet up with my parents in Ireland for vacation and I can't wait! As far as I know of, none of us have been so it should be a really great trip. My dad is a meticulous planner and has everything laid out in spreadsheet form - who arrives when and on what flight, where we stay, where we drive and how far - it's impressive! We'll spend a week driving around and exploring and then Mr K and I fly back here while my mom and dad make their way to Switzerland at a more leisurely pace by train.

This trip will be the first time my parents have been to see us here and I'm so excited! They're going to be visiting us for several days and I'm busily trying to narrow down the most fun things we need to make sure we go do. Any suggestions?

The weather here has been pretty nice as it starts to cool off for fall. Some days have been cloudy and moody and other crisp and cool. On Tuesday the low is 37F last time I checked - that means bring a warm coat, mom!

Now I'm off to walk some recycling and then complete my French homework. Au revoir!


Anonymous said...

12 days and counting!

Jürg said...

wow, i'm jealous! ireland!
i had the best time in my life there on that island. enjoy it!

be sure to go on a mountain (a high one :)) with your parents. if it's not possible to walk, you should at least go up a pass with a car or something.
then go for raclette (at home) or fondue (i'd prefer raclette).

Miz K said...

Good suggestions! We're definitely eating raclette - mmmmmmmmmm. You know, we had never heard of it before we moved here, though we had eaten fondue before. Hope all your school stress is done soon!

Katie said...

you guys are going to have soo much fun!!! enjoy!!