Saturday, August 23, 2008

Je vous presente.....

Waffle St. John
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So, your votes are in, and "No no no" won by one vote... which was convenient as Mr K had a last minute flash of inspiration: Waffle (you know, like the tasty treat OR like what we've been doing with picking a name for the past three days.) St Jean is the small church where we found the kitties, so it seemed like a good second name.

On Thursday, *Waffle St Jean and his brother **Taco Killer Qu'est-ce Que C'est (fa fa fa FA fa fa fa fa FA fa) had their first trip to the vet, which went fine. They got to take their first trip on l'autobus. They got checked for feline leukemia - clean. They got some Frontline for any nasty little passengers (les puces et les vers) they might have picked up from living outdoors. They got small patches shaved on their legs so they could have blood drawn. They got to hiss at two new people. All in all it went great - when we got home, they hopped right out of their carrier - Taco to the litter tray and Waffle to his food bowl. Both are still eating well, pooing well, and sleeping really well - then they're not busy throwing each other off the top of the futon.

* "Waffle" for short. "Waffa-waffa-waffa" for less short.
** "Taco" for short. Just "Taco".


Jen said...

Nice job with the names, can't wait to hopefully meet them soon!

Orionmoon said...

I am ...comment-less LOL

Miz K said...

Comment-less at our awesomeness, huh? Yeeeeah!

Also, Jen - come back anytime! We're trying to figure out when we can come see yall, as well. Are you going to be in the US or Europe for New Years?

Sandy said...

I love both of the names!!! Good job. At least I'm not the only weirdo that names their kittens after food ;)

Jen said...

We're not certain yet where we'll be, but I'd guess there's a good chance that we'll be around here. What about you?

Miz K said...

We're trying to figure out when exactly we'll be back in the US for Christmas - we haven't decided yet if we would rather New Years here or there - when I looked online for stuff in Baltimore and DC, it all looks unattractive and cheesy. You went to Rome last year, right?

Stephanie said...

Love the names Taco and Waffle.

Then again, I had cats named Tater Tot (looked like a tater tot), General Hershey (after the chocolate), Butterscotch..

Jen said...

Yeah, we were in Rome last year, which was fun but not spectacular. We didn't realize that the Italians don't really "party" on New Year's Eve, but prefer to have multi-course dinners or small parties with friends...which would be fun, except we were on a budget and didn't know anyone there. So, we spent the night in an Irish bar with a bunch of Australians! ;-)

Jürg said... totaly missed that naming event. :(

hope you guys have fun with your new kitties.

i still prefer ants. :P

Katie said...

i think the names suit them perfectly!!! Glad they are doing so well!!! :)