Thursday, December 20, 2007


That duck is a jerk
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We have snow again today - just the tiniest smidgen of snow, but snow nonetheless! I got all bundled up and went for a walk to enjoy the snow and to take a bunch of stale bread I've been saving to feed the ducks. The ducks were very chatty and hungry this morning, so my bread went quickly. After the bread - and as a result, the ducks - were all gone, I wandered along the river. Huge icicles hung down from the cliffs on the other side of the river and everything had the lightest dusting of snow.

Yesterday I had a very cranky day for no reason.

Today is better! I made a tasty dinner last night and have started planning my menu for Christmas Eve dinner with Peter and Kasia. Five days until Christmas!

Entertain me! Tell me a fun fact, an entertaining lie, or ask an interesting question in comments!


Kasia said...

Yay for Christmas Eve dinner! I'm so looking forward! I started to knit a fuzzy cat sweater, so hope to put some pics soon on my blog! Glad to hear that you aren't cranky today!

Fabian Trunz said...

Hey Miz K! Good timing you had! In any case, I'm back and such!

You shouldn't be cranky, it's bad for your complexion. Be angry instead, at least that gets some blood flowing to your face!