Monday, June 18, 2007

Wetting my digital toes...

I haven't blogged or crafted on a regular basis for the past several years for quite a few reasons. This summer my husband and I are relocating to Fribourg, Switzerland from Northern Virginia in the US. I have around two months to get our household together and ready to go and to stock up on crafting treats before we go. While he is quite the traveler, I haven't left the US since I was around two years old, so I'm both excited and nervous about the change. I'm hoping to meet a few crafty people and to learn to knit. I crochet all the time, but never got the hang of knitting. I've been lurking on for ages and am eager to finally have my own projects to post! If you're crafty, a resident in Switzerland, both or neither drop me a line!

Tiny tidbits about me: I love to read, paint, cook, and make things - reading is the only one I claim to be proficient at. I collect paper, books, yarn, and all sorts of little odd toys.

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Kasia said...

Hi! thanks a bunch for your lovely comment on my blog! That's so cool that you will be living in Fribourg! When you settle down please come to my tea shop on Rue Pierre-Aeby 9. The hyperactive, red-haired gril running behind the counter is me :D Hope to see you soon in Fribourg!